Our ambassadors are hand-picked for their passion and skill in their area of expertise. They are avid outdoor adventurers, leaders and conscientious environmentalists.

When you become a WayWiser ambassador, you join a family of committed adventurers. All of our ambassadors are well provided for. WayWiser and Bivouac have joined forces to make sure our people are kitted out for whatever the day throws at them!

For Ashleigh (aka “Smashly”) Beale  it was love at first climb. From the first time she touched rock over a year ago, she knew right away her path in life was a vertical one. She was so head-over-heels that she decided to pursue the sport more seriously. For the next year, she made practice and improvement her sole focus.


“I loved it so much! With a demanding work schedule, I found that I had no time for outdoor climbing. I decided to quit my job, move into my van and spend the entire summer climbing. Most of my experience is in lead climbing and a bit of TRAD. Definitely keen to do more!”

This total immersion in all-things-climbing meant that she was able to improve her technique and quickly become a skilled and confident climber. But Ashleigh says she was “brought back down to reality” when she put the learner plates back on and returned to school to get a degree in Outdoor Recreation this year. Through the course, Ashleigh’s been busy cultivating bush and alpine skills, kayaking, and climbing, as well as skiing, caving, canyoning and mountain biking.

13244779_647179458767208_1429502158197522461_nIf all that wasn’t enough to keep Ashleigh busy, she also started her own business last year. The idea for G3TaGRIP was born out of Ashleigh’s desire to get in with the “cool climbers” who were all using liquid chalk. Living on the cheap, she couldn’t afford to buy herself any, so she decided to make her own. Ashleigh did some research and came up with a formula very different to what’s on the market today. She brainstormed up a great brand, made her own bottle and started to whip up batches of her very own liquid chalk.

The verdict? Word on the street is that it lasts much longer than normal chalk. Dan Lawler, WayWiser’s Chief of Tech, says:

“Great stuff! I’m always going to have a bottle on the ready. Easy, fast and lasts me several climbs between applications.”

Wink wink, nudge nudge…isn’t it time you G3T a GRIP?

Recently, Ashleigh has added “ambassador” onto her extensive repertoire, and has been rallying the outdoors-loving troops in Canterbury ever since.

“When I found out about WayWiser I got so excited! I’ve had visions for a similar idea but never had the time to make it a reality. I knew I had to work with these guys.”

She plans on offering a variety of adventures – not just mountain biking, trail running and climbing – so keep an eye on out for her trips. She’s even organising a series of environmental awareness days.

Whats the piece of gear you can’t live without? My Buff! Currently MIA, so I’m struggling to live, haha. It’s an amazing piece of equipment that keeps the wind out of my ears, hair out of my face, my neck warm, and it doesn’t matter if its wet or dry it still works.

Whats your favourite food? Currently my favourite meal is a roast veggie salad.

Become a WayWiser ambassador: https://waywiser.co.nz/ambassadorsignup

Follow Ashleigh: @G3TaGRIP                                                                                     facebook.com/G3TaGRIP




Written by WayWiser

At the heart of what we do is the simple sentiment: bring more people together over their mutual love of the outdoors. As a founding team composed of expats, athletes and keen travellers, we started WayWiser because we wanted to connect people to genuine adventures instead of the off-the-shelf, expensive, commercial kind. To do this, we take what your local outdoor club does, and we do it better. And bigger. We are building portable, virtual, global adventure clubs, allowing you to create adventures in your own backyard or search for them wherever you’re going.

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