Today I’m sitting at the Routeburn flats hut deep in the remote south of new Zealand, miles away from the nearest town. The sun is setting over the Routeburn falls, the valley is aglow, paradise ducks are flying in to roost for the night and hordes of sandflies are starting their hunt for unsuspecting rails developers!

I’ve got my tablet out doing a bit of user testing for a new feature we’ve been working on. We want to find a way to give waywisers guides a bit of ‘cred’; after talking with a few guides we came up with the idea of displaying badges on their profiles to indicate experience and reputation. Sarah, our graphic designer, came up with some awesome designs for WayWiser’s gold, silver and bronze awards (check them out!) and the new user profiles are mocked up, ready for user testing.



The Routeburn is awash with professional guides taking groups of hikers through the track, perfect guinea pigs for this feature. The feedback I have received has been super positive they love how the profiles look with the new badges. Now, it’s getting me thinking of algorithms to award the badges…. something to think about on tomorrow’s 20+km hike!

George, WayWiser co-founder and Technical Director, exploring the Routeburn track on New Zealand’s South Island.

Written by WayWiser

At the heart of what we do is the simple sentiment: bring more people together over their mutual love of the outdoors. As a founding team composed of expats, athletes and keen travellers, we started WayWiser because we wanted to connect people to genuine adventures instead of the off-the-shelf, expensive, commercial kind. To do this, we take what your local outdoor club does, and we do it better. And bigger. We are building portable, virtual, global adventure clubs, allowing you to create adventures in your own backyard or search for them wherever you’re going.


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