Team WayWiser at KareKare Falls with our trail dogs, Scout and Astro.

Friday December 18

The year’s end always seems like a good time to reflect on the year’s achievements, and this has been a doozy. The idea for WayWiser was born in late January and by the end of February our co-founder team was formed and work began.

The past 11 months have been an enormous learning experience as we all jumped in the deep end and taught ourselves to swim. We branded and rebranded, created personas and changed them, found our competitors and studied them.

I think I can say that all the late nights, weekends of work and weekly meetings, networking engagements and start-up learning sessions have amounted to a website that has begun to resemble our vision.

The past week we achieved a few major milestones:

  1. Began guide recruitment. We’ve slowly started to reach out to the professional guide community in New Zealand and have already had a few guides sign up.
  2. Began user testing. This means we’ve actually gone out and shown a mock-up of our website to real customers and gotten feedback. It’s been incredibly affirming talking to our target market about WayWiser. We’ve learned a lot about what’s working and what’s not, and on the whole people seem really excited about our business.
  3. Applied for Lightning Lab. Lightning Lab is a digital start-up accelerator based out of Auckland that would begin in March of 2016 and be a 4 month program where we’d get support and advice from dozens of mentors on making our business successful and attracting customers. We’d also hopefully secure the funding to really get WayWiser rolling.

The rest of December will be spent working to advance these milestones. Early January we’ll begin to hone in on the customer facing aspects of the website, and we hope to launch to the public by the end of January 2016.

With any luck, we will have been accepted into Lightning Lab’s start-up accelerator program around the same time, which would begin March 1st. As much as we hope for Lightning Lab, even if we aren’t selected we believe WayWiser has bright prospects with a couple of keen mentors already onboard and few fundraising prospects for the not too distant future.

The start-up rollercoaster is just gathering momentum, and the New Year will bring new challenges and new milestones – hopefully our first paying customers! – that’s when the real fun and games begin.

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Happy Holidays!

Colin, Brittany, Dan and George @ WayWiser


Written by WayWiser

At the heart of what we do is the simple sentiment: bring more people together over their mutual love of the outdoors. As a founding team composed of expats, athletes and keen travellers, we started WayWiser because we wanted to connect people to genuine adventures instead of the off-the-shelf, expensive, commercial kind. To do this, we take what your local outdoor club does, and we do it better. And bigger. We are building portable, virtual, global adventure clubs, allowing you to create adventures in your own backyard or search for them wherever you’re going.

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